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New edition of Jordan Estate Tales wine country magazine debuts

Jordan Winery - Healdsburg, California - Sat, 04/19/2014 - 22:14
Estate Tales wine country magazine debuts">Every year at Jordan, I challenge our talented staff to elevate their respective crafts—whether in the cellar, the kitchen, the vineyard or the offices. Somehow, these new enhancements to Jordan wines and hospitality always end up involving a construction project. A wood-fired oven for our chef. A barn for our cattle program. A new composting area [...]
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Happy Easter

Kristine Goulding & Wouter Kruijs Nael with Joe & Muse Nadia & Nicolas Souchon Milan Bruno Mattiet Milan & his parents Kate & Eric Joane & Pater Joe and Evie Green Happy Easter! Fresh Vegetable Happy Birthday Berit! Jean Marc, Joe, Gilles & Sophie Berit liked her Birthday cake! Simon, Marit and Muse Anders, Berit and Lars Inger Johanne, Jan Kjetil and Kristiane Berits liked her birthday cake Raymond, Sophie, Anne-Françoise and Eric Simon Orr & Marit Vangen Jordet Related Posts:
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We are excited to partner with Elizabeth from Bonjour & Hola! Elizabeth is all about food, wine, travel and spontaneity in life. In her latest spontaneous adventure, Elizabeth and friends took advantage of the gorgeous day and turned their our ordinary tea party into a tea party picnic. Enjoy!

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Everyday Bubbles

Ponte Winery - Temecula, CA - Fri, 04/18/2014 - 09:00

If I asked you to name one drink that New Year’s Eve, weddings and Valentine’s Day have in common, you’d say “champagne,” right?  So would I.  Let’s think about why that is:

  1. It’s expensive.  That is, the real stuff from France is.  The bubbly that can only legally be called “champagne” can be dire on the budget.  Therefore, it makes sense that one would save their bottle/s for the most celebratory of occasions.
  2. It’s festive.  I mean, it literally sparkles.  And doesn’t a wedding call for glitz and glitter?
  3. It lifts the spirits, literally and figuratively.  In a figurative sense, champagne has those glorious little carbonated bubbles that rise to the top of a glass.  And, if someone has too much, well, let’s just say their spirit is deemed “lifted.”

I love love love wine with bubbles, however, I don’t believe I’ve ever bought a bottle of legit champagne.  Why would I when we live in a world where there are countless alternatives – Prosecco, spumante, sparkling wine, cava, asti?  These are all bubby wines produced throughout the world, which are served in champagne flutes and are a fraction of the price of the beverage once reserved for royal courts and aristocracy.  While I absolutely crack open these fizzy bottles on the appropriate occasions listed above, I also enjoy sparkling wine all throughout the year.  Not only does it make my days a little bit more special, sparkling wine is incredibly versatile when it comes to food pairing.  What other varietal can you comfortably pair with eggs, cheese, fish, poultry, potato chips, olives, cured meats, vegetables and desserts?  And, with the increasing number of red sparkling wines on the market, chocolate and meats, as well?

Is there a difference in taste between what is real champagne and what is not?  I’m sure there is, if you’re a sommelier or a wine critic.  But for a person like me who just loves good food and wine and good company to share it with, just give me something good and fizzy.  Ponte currently has three unique sparkling wines that are perfect for all of life’s occasions – celebratory or not…

2012 Moscato: Refreshing and perfect as a pre-dinner drink.  Floral aromas, apricot and nectarine flavors.  Pairs beautifully with egg dishes, citrus desserts, and catching up on Netflix.  Learn more and purchase here.

2012 Rose Spumante: Bright and spritzy.  Subtly sweet with flavors of strawberry and pineapple.  A very good choice for soft cheeses like Brie, fresh fruits and surfing the web.  Learn more and purchase here.

2011 Vernaccia Nera: A very unique and special red sparkling wine from Marche, Italy.  Luscious aromas of cassis, blackberries and vanilla with similar flavor structure.  Perfect with Italian food, savory olives, salty cheeses and discussing this year’s vacation plans.  Learn more and purchase here.

Get all three of Ponte’s sparkling wines with the Sparkling Trio, found here.

–Erica Martinez

–When do you enjoy sparkling wine?

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Cuvaison's 2012 Estate Syrah has been released!

Cuvaison Estate Wines - Napa Valley, CA - Fri, 04/18/2014 - 00:38

2012 Estate Syrah 
New Release  |  Estate Series 

Just a superb year for Syrah from a cool climate vineyard.
An axiom of winemaking is to grow varieties on the edge of
where they will ripen. The soils and climate of our Carneros Estate provide the challenges required to tame the prolific Syrah vine and sharpen the characteristics that define this variety. Add in a long, cool growing season like 2012 and you have the makings of an excellent vintage. Our 2012 bottling boasts a full range of Syrah-esque qualities; gamey, peppery, bacon-fat, mesquite, lavender and  rosemary notes backed with brambly cherry, boysenberry and blackberry fruit. The palate is full-bodied with rich, jammy fruit,
a touch of anise seed and long, silky tannins.
- Winemaker, Steven Rogstad

Bottle Club Bottle
20% Off Retail
Case Club Case
20% Off 38.00 30.40 456.00 364.80



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Long Live (Bio)diversity!

As nature awakens and the 2014 vintage begins, I wanted to share with you some of the things we do in our vineyards to preserve the delicate balance of an entire ecosystem.

Much of our appellation, Costières de Nîmes, still enjoys a rich biodiversity, which is why it was chosen as one of four sites in France by the European research project BioDiVine, a protocol committed to demonstrating functional biodiversity in viticulture landscapes. For us in particular, we are fortunate to have woods and groves in proximity to our vineyards. In this unique setting, we actively ensure biodiversity by planting legumes between our vineyards’ rows, introducing native ground covers, planting diversified hedges and recreating scrubland groves (pines, oaks, olive trees) in zones abutting our parcels. But why do we do this?

Sensitive to the preservation of fauna and flora, we have come to the realization that an environment consisting only of vines favors some species over others, which guarantees a disequilibrium and vicious outbreaks that require radical methods. As a prolongation of our organic approach, we do everything to make sure that competing species coexist in our vineyards. By keeping numbers sufficiently low, this approach contributes naturally in the protection of our vineyards against diseases and harmful insects. Our vineyards get the added value of tapping into an unpolluted soil. Indeed, as soon as a certain level of diversity is achieved, species overall regulate each other, mammals return because there’s food and earthworms and arthropods till around in the soil.

Armed with my camera, I was able to capture a few scenes showing how alive our vineyards are with birds, mammals (in this case a hare), insects and plants. For you foodies out there, I even found wild leeks…


A view of vineyards from a young pine grove. A butterfly in a field laying fallow. A bustard settling in. Wild leeks. The fur from a hare’s nesting spot.  A ladybug among the sainfoin. A chrysalis on a stake. A sun-loving arthropod. A just planted olive tree and a hackberry. Our vines between pines and a peach orchard in flower.

PS : This is only a selection of pictures; if you want more, check out my facebook page


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Vive la (Bio)diversité !

Au moment où la nature se réveille, et où le millésime 2014 commence, j’avais envie de vous montrer ce que nous faisons dans nos vignes pour préserver l’équilibre fragile de tout un écosystème.

Notre appellation Costières de Nîmes profite déjà d’une variété culturale très riche, ce qui lui a valu d’être choisie parmi 4 sites en France pour le projet européen de recherche Biodivine dont l’objectif est de réaliser l’inventaire de biodiversité dans les vignobles. Pour nos terroirs en particulier, nous avons la chance d’avoir ou des bois ou des vergers en lisières de nos vignes. Dans ce cadre exceptionnel, nous participons activement à la protection de la biodiversité en semant des légumineuses dans les rangs et en recréant des bosquets au milieu des vignes avec des espèces de notre garrigue (pins, chênes, oliviers,…). Mais pourquoi faisons-nous tout cela ?

Sensibles à la préservation de la faune et de la flore, nous nous sommes rendus compte qu’un environnement constitué uniquement de vignes pouvait favoriser certaines espèces plutôt que d’autres. C’est donc vraiment dans un prolongement de notre démarche d’agriculture biologique que nous faisons tout pour que des espèces concurrentes cohabitent dans nos vignobles, protégeant ainsi naturellement la vigne des maladies, des insectes malfaisants et lui permettant de puiser dans un sol vierge de toute pollution. En effet, dès lors qu’il y a cette diversité, les espèces se régulent entre elles, les mammifères reviennent car il y a de quoi manger et les vers de terre et autres arthropodes sillonnent nos terroirs.

Armé de mon appareil photo, j’ai été heureux de voir que nos vignes hébergent de nombreux oiseaux, léporidés, insectes et végétaux. Pour les amateurs gastronomes, j’ai même trouvé des poireaux sauvages…


De haut en bas et de gauche à droite : Vue de nos vignes depuis un nouveau bosquet de pins. Une piéride dans un terrain en jachère. Une outarde canepetière se posant. Des poireaux sauvages. Des poils de lièvre. Une coccinelle dans le sainfoin (inter rang). Une chrysalide de piéride sur un piquet. Un arthropode qui se fait bronzer. Un olivier et un micocoulier fraichement plantés. Nos vignes entre pêchers en fleurs et pins.

PS : Pour cet article, je vous ai fait une sélection de photos ; je vous invite à les voir toutes sur notre page


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K-J Grand Reserve Sauvignon Blanc: Mouthwatering!

This is a 100% Sauvignon Blanc, and if you know what the variety smells and tastes like, you’ll have no trouble identifying it, even in a blind tasting. It’s classic California Sauv Blanc, clean, crisply mouthwatering in acidity, and rich in citrus, hay and gooseberry flavors.

If you’ve never tasted a gooseberry, this is a descriptor common to some of the Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand. It’s considered a cool-climate trait, and can suggest notes of chlorophyll, mint, wintergreen, juniper berry or freshly-cut green grass. But it’s important to stress that it’s not an unripeness, but rather a particular savoriness, and when the wine is successful, that spareness will be enriched by richer, riper notes of figs, tropical guavas and green D’Anjou pears. That’s precisely what you’ll find in this K-J 2012 Grand Reserve Sauvignon Blanc.

The grapes are largely from the inland hills, mountains and benchlands of Mendocino County, where the days are warm and sunny, almost hot, but the nighttimes turn remarkably cool, as this part of California enjoys one of the most dramatic diurnal, or 24-hour, shifts of temperature; from 95 degrees it can drop to the 40s by the next morning. This is not only good summer sleeping weather, the grapes like it too, as the chill preserves the vital acidity without which Sauvignon Blanc cannot be enjoyed. For above all, you want that tart raciness that gets the tastebuds whistling, and makes the wine taste and feel so fresh and clean.

This freshness is something winemaker Randy Ullom has accentuated by cold-fermenting the wine in stainless steel tanks. The best way to think about what cold fermenting does for a crisp white wine is to imagine ripe grapes fresh from the fridge, as opposed to those that have been stored at room temperature. The cold grapes feel livelier and more stimulating. There is some oak influence on this K-J 2012 Grand Reserve, but not much–just enough to give it a touch of toast and the round mellowness that oak barrel aging brings. The 2012 vintage, of course, is already being highly celebrated for overall balance, a welcome change after the difficult 2010 and 2011 vintages.

Sauvignon Blanc in general, and the 2012 GR in particular, is one of the world’s most versatile food wines. It’s lovely as an aperitif in the late afternoon (or for a Sunday brunch!), and something about it makes you think of the beach. But it’s a year-round wine, and in the Autumn, you might want to prepare one of our favorites, Fuyu persimmon and pomegranate salad, a great opener for a dinner of lemon-chicken kebobs with Moroccan herb sauce, from Kendall-Jackson chef Justin Wangler, an exotic, spicy dish also nicely paired with the K-J Grand Reserve Sauvignon Blanc.

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Coyam 2011

Viñedos Emiliana - Chile - Thu, 04/17/2014 - 17:20

91 Points
Wine Spectator Magazine, USA, 2014

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Signos de Origen Syrah 2012

Viñedos Emiliana - Chile - Thu, 04/17/2014 - 16:43

Best Chilean Red Wine
Mundus Vini 2014, Germany

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First full season of new epicurean excursion begins at Jordan

Jordan Winery - Healdsburg, California - Thu, 04/17/2014 - 14:53
Jordan Vineyard & Winery begins the first full season of our new Estate Tour & Tasting experience today. Guests will journey to remote corners of the nearly 1,200-acre Jordan Estate to enjoy a farm-to-table, wine-and-food-tasting excursion with a backdrop of stunning vistas. Reservation requests are now being accepted at for tours hosted Thursday through Monday until November 10, [...]
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Closed this Sunday for Easter

Bernardo Winery - San Diego CA - Wed, 04/16/2014 - 22:47

This Sunday the Winery, grounds and village will be closed in observance of Easter. We will reopen on Monday April 21st at 9am. Thank you!

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Spring 2014 VINsider shipment food pairing dinner

Tablas Creek Vineyard - Paso Robles CA - Wed, 04/16/2014 - 18:37

By Lauren Cross

What better way to celebrate the recent release of our Spring 2014 VINsider shipment than to taste and enjoy each new wine with expertly paired dishes prepared by two of the best caterers on the Central Coast? Yes, there are benefits to working at Tablas Creek.

A little background, first. We asked two chefs (Chef Jacob Lovejoy and Chef Jeffry Weisinger), with whom we often work for dinners and events here at Tablas, to put together six dishes, one for each new wine, so that our tasting room and wine club staff to get first hand experience with the different affinities of each wine and thereby more easily discuss food pairings with our guests.  I thought that a recap might inspire our fans to create new food and wine pairings in your own homes.

Personally, I was excited to taste the new shipment wines with dishes expressly created to pair with them and use this experience to draw conclusions about other potential pairings.  I didn’t grow up with wine being served at the dinner table and, as parent of two young children, my memorable food pairings are often unexpected: think Esprit Blanc and corndogs (which pair beautifully, by the way).  I’ve also been fortunate enough to stumble upon exquisite Tablas Creek wine pairings by accident.  I once paired our 2010 Counoise with barbeque chicken and almost fell off my chair it was so good. 

The tasting drove home to me that pairings can work because dish and wine share similar traits, and together they show harmony. But perhaps less intuitive was that certain pairings worked because of their differences, where contrasting flavors or textures highlighted each member's distinctiveness.


Pairing 1: Shrimp ‘n’ Grits with 2012 Côtes de Tablas Blanc

The foundation of this dish was mini polenta cakes which provided a rich and savory texture that paired splendidly with the viognier-rich Côtes de Tablas Blanc. The fresh shrimp was topped with a creamy white butter sauce brightened by lemon and blood orange. The bright acid that lifts the 2012 Côtes de Tablas Blanc through a long finish loved the citric notes in the cream sauce.

This pairing was one of similarities: a delicate balance of richness and brightness in the dish mirrored the related complexities of the Côtes de Tablas Blanc.


Pairing 2: Dungeness Crab Avocado Salad with 2012 Grenache Blanc

A beautifully quartered avocado, piled high with dungeness crab salad and topped with a ginger-infused asian pear brulee and a drizzle of yuzu vinaigrette, made for a sublime pairing for the 2012 Grenache Blanc.  The sweet and earthy crab brought out the mineral notes of the wine, and the avocado coated the palate while the acid of the wine cleaned it: a pairing of contrasts, each of which made the other taste more vibrant, capped off by the luscious ginger-infused pear garnish that accentuated the green apple crispness of the Grenache Blanc.


Pairing 3: Duck Confit Bread Pudding with 2012 Roussanne                      

This pairing would make a convert of anyone who doubts that Roussanne is substantial enough to pair with traditional red wine partners. The fluffy and buttery bread pudding, served by Chef Jeffry, reminded me of Thanksgiving stuffing packed with egg, herbs and dried apricots.  The slightly gamy duck flavors deepened the whole and brought out the apricot notes in the 2012 Roussanne, while the rich texture of the wine proved a match for the weighty dish.


Pairing 4: Smoked Pork Mac ‘n’ Cheese with 2012 Patelin de Tablas

We often recommend the 2012 Patelin de Tablas, with its smoky and peppery nose, with barbeque because of its moderate alcohol and its fresh acidity.  So I was not surprised by the elegance it brought to the gooey smoked pork mac ‘n’ cheese.  Another example of contrasts making each partner taste more clearly of itself: the elegance and freshness of this syrah-based blend paired was accentuated by the smoky richness of the pork, refreshing the palate where a more assertive wine could have made a fatiguing partner.

A side note: this truly was the people's wine paired with the people's food.


Pairing 5: Kalbi Style Beef Short Ribs with the 2012 Côtes de Tablas

The Grenache-based 2012 Côtes de Tablas leads with bright chewy fruit accentuated by a good amount of spice and pepper. The combination of sweet and spicy flavors in the Kalbi style beef short ribs made for a spot on pairing, with the fruitiness of the wine standing up to the ribs' slightly sweet glaze and the combination's tingling spice echoing after each bite.  This pairing showed me why the Perrins talk about southern Rhone wines (most of which are based on Grenache) as natural partners for asian-inspired dishes.


Pairing 6: Wet-Aged Prime Rib Roast with 2011 Panoplie

It probably won't surprise any of you that an aged prime rib paired well with our new 2011 Panoplie. As prepared by Chef Jacob, the prime rib was deliciously rich and tender, made even more luscious by a pat of blue cheese butter layered on top and the mouthwatering truffle mashed potatoes below.  The Panoplie is built on a base of our most powerful Mourvedre lots, whose combination of mid-palate richness, chewy tannins, loamy earth notes and silky-smooth texture matched the dish sip for taste, and whose higher tones of rose petals and raspberry fruit lingered perhaps because they were not directly mirrored in the dish.  All in all a fitting, and completely satisfying, way to end a wonderful night.

As always, we are thankful to and impressed by our chefs Jacob and Jeffry for working together so seamlessly and with so much intention and passion, and for creating dishes with such distinct personalities that still partnered beautifully with the wines. I hope that this inspires you in your pairings; if you have particularly memorable ones -- good or bad --  please share them in the comments.

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New Label, Same Great Wine: K-J AVANT Chardonnay

This really is the ideal Chardonnay for summer afternoons and evenings, although that doesn’t mean you can’t drink it all year round, because even in the middle of winter, it evokes California’s warm sunshine.

What K-J AVANT Chardonnay succeeds at is a delicate balance: to let fine, cool-climate fruit express itself, with just a touch of the smoky oak Chardonnay needs to round and mellow it, and yet remain lively. You’ll find this 2012 K-J AVANT Chardonnay delicious in tropical fruit, green apple, pear and lemon drop candy flavors, brightened with the racy acidity that coastal-grown grapes naturally possess. Sixty percent of those grapes were fermented in stainless steel tanks, which allows for maximum fruity brightness. The remainder were fermented in oak, but in neutral, older barrels, so that the wine is not dominated by wood, but only seasoned with it. The winemaker wisely chose to limit the malolactic fermentation, which has preserved a juicy, mouthwatering acidity, like a squeeze of lime juice, that makes the wine so clean and vibrant.

What’s so amazing about the 2012 K-J AVANT Chardonnay is the way it combines elegance and sophistication with an easy price. This is a wine that showcases just how balanced California Chardonnay can be, in the right hands.

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All Eyes on Easter

Ponte Winery - Temecula, CA - Wed, 04/16/2014 - 09:00

Traditions or spontaneity?  This seems to be the choice with most families when it comes to holidays.  My husband’s family is all about tradition.  It’s Easter dinner with a ham centerpiece.  Always, always ham.  The fact that I can’t recall what my family made for Easter from year to year leads me to believe we were in the camp of spontaneity.  I remember hams, lambs, prime rib…there may have even been a turkey in there somewhere.

I’m personally a spontaneous person when it comes to Easter.  Last year, I was all about Jewish food.  I had plans to serve brisket, chopped liver and flourless chocolate torte, and yet I ended up making a lemon-honey roasted chicken and a delightful Basque confection called Gateau Basque.  Indeed, spontaneous.  Now, going out to eat on Easter is one thing I’ve never done.  Give me time, I’ll get there.  This year I’m doing something I’ve also never done before: Easter brunch.   Deviled eggs, honey baked ham and mimosas are just a few things mom and I will tackle.

So, what camp are you in?  Would your family faint if you didn’t stick to tradition or do you like to mix it up?  Regardless, what any good Easter table needs is the perfect wine.  Here are my humble recommendations for some classic Easter dishes:

Baked ham: Fiorella is Ponte’s dry rose wine.  It’s bright and crisp with the smallest dash of sweet that will enhance ham’s smokiness beautifully.  If you’re looking for a red, Tempranillo will also work well.  Its lighter body and subtle tannins will not overpower the flavor of the ham.

Lamb:  Our Cabernet Sauvignon is a serious red wine.  Bold, tannic and full-bodied, it does very well with equally daring dishes, like flavorful lamb.  Our Syrah, with its aromas and flavors of dried herbs and ripe  plums would also be a lovely pairing, especially if your lamb is being roasted with lots of herbs.

Deviled Eggs: What’s Easter without eggs?  Turn those colored, boiled eggs that nobody eats into everyone’s favorite hors d’oeurvre!  For the wine, try Rose Spumante whose bubbles will cut the egg’s richness.  It is also very low in tannins which tend to make eggs taste metallic.

Carrot Cake: Late Harvest is actually a very good pairing with carrot cake.  It’s sweet vanilla flavor taste wonderful with the warm spices in the cake.

Strawberries: Strawberry salad, strawberry shortcake…anything you can make with strawberries will taste heavenly with sparkling Moscato or Juliet.

Chocolate: Everyone knows the parents look forward to their kid’s chocolate-filled baskets as much as the kiddos do.  Chocolate is everywhere this time of year and a glass of Beverino will always do it justice.

–Erica Martinez

–What wines will you serve this Easter?

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Another Big Crop Year?

Westwood Winery - Sonoma, CA - Wed, 04/16/2014 - 06:09

Apr 14, 2014 PN-CVSWe are having a run of lovely, mild, quiet weather just now: day/night temperatures in the mid- to high-70s/mid-40s, morning coastal low clouds and fog burning off by midday, light breezes. This weather is predicted to last through the weekend, with just the hint of possibility of a rainy front pushing through at the 10-day forecast limit.

Walking through the vineyard yesterday I was struck by how fruitful our Pinot is looking just now. The cluster primordia (seen in the photo above, more in my Twitter/Instagram streams) in the young-vine cane-pruned blocks are enormous, with wings on wings in some cases, mostly two clusters per shoot, and frequently two shoots per bud. It looks like 2012 and 2013 all over again.

A large crop three years in a row would be unprecedented in my experience. I’m <ahem> “interested” to see if the cumulative effect of the past two heavy crops and the very dry conditions December-February lead to massive flowering failure — somehow “worried” is simultaneously too strong and too weak to describe how I really feel.

The Syrah and Tannat are not looking anywhere near as fructiferous as the Pinot at this time, but they are several weeks behind — and the Syrah especially has fooled me before, with the crop ending up much heavier than early-season cluster evaluation led me to expect. I am surprised at how far along the Grenache is this year. At this time its development appears to be between that of the Pinot and the Syrah. Grenache primordia counts are low but they look to end up as really big clusters.

No surprise to me that the Counoise is barely budded out at this time. What really IS a surprise is that the Mourvèdre is behind the Counoise, with only 20% of vines showing even a hint of green. Up to now the Mourvèdre at the Estate has budded out between the Syrah and the Grenache. My only conjecture is that it has been delayed by the dry winter, as the Mourvèdre block is planted on our shallowest soil with the lowest water-holding capacity. I have no idea what this weird timing of bud emergence may mean for either the Grenache or the Mourvèdre this year.

My grape broker emailed me this morning: “Buyers are in a holding pattern currently because crop has potential again. If everything sets this year, at this point it is looking very similar to last year’s record breaking crop.” The word on the street is that La Crema (owned by Jackson Family Wines, producing 850,000 cases annually) does not plan to renew contracts this year for Pinot here in the North Coast — they are reportedly shifting focus to Oregon — which means there will be that much extra Pinot on the market.

Part of me is hoping for a massive flowering failure. Everywhere else.

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O’Vineyards Babies

Beautiful Evie and Handsome Nael
Nicole & Adam Russell, Victoria & David Green came with beautiful Baby Evie Green! 
Nicolas & Nadia Souchon came with handsome Baby Nael! Nael Souchon Nael with Joe & Muse Nadia & Nicolas Souchon Evie, Victoria & David Green Victoria & Evie Adam & Nicole Russell

Victoria Green posted a review on FaceBook:

“We had a wonderful afternoon with our kind, thoughtful and generous hosts. Delicious, flavoursome wine and tasty food in their spacious and comfortable home/establishment. Highly recommended. When we left it felt as if we’d known them for years.” Related Posts:
  • St Patrick’s Week Happy St Patrick's Day to you all! How do you like our O'Chasan  dressed in green and ready to go! At O'Vineyards, St Patrick's day will ...
  • Surprise Birthday Party! Jacques ordered a surprise birthday party for his wife Yolande! With Jacques, his sister  Dominique & her husband Georges, Yolande stepped in O'Vineyards empty grand ...
  • Buy O’Wines and Earn Free Food & Wine Getaways Earn two points for each euro spent on O'Vineyards Fine Wines. Points rewards: One night in one double room w/ views on the vines: 1500 points One winery ...
  • Your Personalized Labels Your Personalized label on 36 bottles of O’Vineyards Fine Wines. 12 bottles of O’Vineyards older vintages available immediately for your Holidays Your Personalized label included  1 Trah Lah ...
  • Two simple chicken recipes A whole chicken is quite a lot for two persons! We are going to cook two fast and simple dishes, two different meals with ...
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The Summergate Riesling Revolution tour of China

Hugel & Fils - Alsace, France - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 18:10

A Riesling revolution has just swept across China! Peter Barry of Jim Barry Wines, Etienne Hugel of the Hugel family, and Ernst Loosen of Dr Loosen  have joined forces with their importer and distributor Summergate, to challenge the reign of red wine in China. All through the week, the group conducted tastings, master classes, and media events across the region to celebrate the greatness of Riesling in all its many styles. The tour started in Macau, and moved on to the cities of Xiamen in Fujian province, and Chengdu in Sichuan province, followed by gala events in Shanghai, finally culminating in the capital city of Beijing on Saturday April 12th.

"We are championing Riesling as a spearhead of the white wine revolution in China. There is no better way to break China's red obsession than our Riesling Revolution tour with this trio of Riesling magicians" said Summergate founder and General Manager Ian Ford. "I expect our sales of Riesling to much more than double in the months and years ahead" said Ford.

China has been known for years as a red wine market, highlighted in the recent film "Red Obsession". The IWSR recently stated that China is now the largest red wine consuming nation on earth, at an estimated 1.86 billion bottles including domestic production.

"Summergate together with these three great producers are the first to take a huge step forward in promoting and celebrating Riesling and white wine, on a large scale, across this country" said Ford.

The "Riesling Revolution" tour climaxed in Beijing on Saturday April 12th, highlighted by a Riesling tasting review from all three producers, and a gala dinner with the Capital's top wine enthusiasts.

For the Hugel family, a solid presence in Asia dates back to the 1950's and now covers virtually every country in the region. Mainland China is clearly now the latest challenge.

With a website in 4 Asian languages, the simplified Chinese website has just been enriched with detailed product descriptions for the wines featured on this tour: Riesling Hugel 2012 and Riesling Jubilee 2007.

The above selection of photos our the Summergate Riesling Revolution tour can be found here

More details on

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Time lapse video: 365 days with a Cabernet grapevine

Jordan Winery - Healdsburg, California - Tue, 04/15/2014 - 16:20
Our first outdoor time-lapse video experiment is complete. We captured one year of a grapevine’s life at Jordan Estate, from winter pruning through budbreak, flowering, fruit set, veraison, harvest fall foliage and winter dormancy again. This year, we are moving the camera closer to the vine in hopes of getting close-up shots of the grape [...]
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New Release from Lafond Winery – 2010 Lafond Vineyard Pinot Noir

Winemaker’s Comments: We selected barrels with wine from 3 different clones. Each clone, 667, 777 and Pommard supplied 1/3 of the total. This, I believe, is our flagship Pinot Noir for the 2010 vintage. Each vintage is different, what clones will make the top wine varies from year to year. We are fortunate to have […]
Categories: North America


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